Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Cinderella Bedroom by Mark Wilkinson

This fairytale bedroom was created by furniture  for a Premiership footballers' daughters with the whole room costing £50,000 
 The bed which is the focal point of this room, might be one of the most expensive bed one could get for their little princess. The bed alone was being sold at www.poshtots.com for a litlle more than $40000/-.

The wall behind the bed features a very dreamy mural

The room offers plenty of storage space for books, toys, etc., which has been given a façade of this detailed ceiling height castle. The room also  offers a walk-in wardroom.
This heart shaped dressing/vanity table is a good blend of style, character and functionality.
The Ceiling which ties design together a lovely rosette decorated with faux tassels.

Every princess needs ­a fairy tale. Find out how to build one into without burning a hole in your bank account @ our DIY theme section(coming soon). 

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